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ReSoil Sacramento


Sustainable Highlights:

  • Food Scrap Drop-Off
  • Limited Residential Food Scrap Collection Services
  • Compost for Sale
  • Compost Education
  • Compost/Soil Services


"ReSoil Sacramento is a community compost collective that aims to close the local food loop - Farm-to-Fork-to-Farm. We build healthy soil to grow edible gardens and green, climate-resilient neighborhoods with the food scraps collected from our Partner Restaurants and residents of the Sacramento community.

ReSoil is a program of the Green Restaurants Alliance Sacramento. GRAS is dedicated to growing a regenerative food community in our Farm-to-Fork Capital through education and action. We aim to make sustainable practices available to all.

ReSoil advocates for three things that we can do to address our changing climate:   1) compost, 2) grow our own food, and 3)  build regenerative, climate-resilient landscapes. In these turbulent times, Composting is something we can all do to reduce greenhouse gases and regenerate the health of our community.

Join us! Everybody is invited to help make Sacramento a model sustainable/ regenerative food community."

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