The Instagram Formerly Known as WasteFreeSac

Some of you might remember when I started this online shop for my handmade sustainable products. This is the same website where the "WasteFreeSac" (the former name of the directory instagram page) directory has always lived.
Due to chronic health issues over the last year I simply could not keep up on the sewing for my products PLUS all the online maintenance for both pages on my own. I closed the shop but decided to leave the website up after I noticed that even though I no longer had anything for sale, there was still quite a bit of traffic on the local sustainable business directory. It made my heart happy to know that I was still able to support this wonderful community even though I was laying in bed not knowing the next time I’d be able to work on any of this.

During the break to focus on my health I had a surprising amount of community members approach me to talk about the shop & directory and how much they appreciated what I had done and that they couldn’t wait for what I had coming. Several people even asked JOIN IN on the fun…

So, with the combined efforts of my mother (who is now the product assembly seamstress for all the shop-branded products) & several local business owners/friends (who are going to be selling their own handmade brands + contributing to the website content & directory) we are transforming this website into a collective of sustainable local businesses where we will soon be inviting others to join in on not only selling but communicating and collaborating to unite and uplift our local sustainable community!

Since "WasteFreeSac" was only ever the name of the directory's instagram page we have decided to change the name to encompass everything we will be offering as a whole: marketplace, business directory, community resources, education and information.

We’re currently working on finishing up the assembly of our first drop of sustainable products, adding listings and information to the local business directory, and putting together other resources to be posted on the website & our instagram page.

Expect to see a lot more from us in the upcoming days, weeks & beyond!

Ariel Elliott

Ariel is the founder of Textiles & Sundries, a seamstress, a former digital marketing manager, and a certified holistic health coach. Ariel is also mother to one human, two dogs, two chickens, one rabbit and a bunch of plants.

She enjoys writing about: sewing, home organization, nutrition, and marketing tips for small businesses.