Hey Sacramento, DO NOT add food scraps & other organics to your yard waste until SUMMER 2022!

California state law already requires all businesses to recycle organic waste for composting. Residential programs for most of the cities in the Greater Sacramento Area will not start being rolled out until the second half of 2022.

The City of Sacramento's program includes a few highlights I’m assuming will be true for most areas where all organic waste will soon be required to be tossed into existing yard waste containers…
⚠️Organic waste includes: grass clippings, leaves and yard waste, fruit and vegetable scraps, grains, coffee grounds, dairy, eggs, meat, bones, seafood, leftover food, and food-soiled paper such as coffee filters, pizza boxes, and paper napkins.
⚠️Organic waste will not be required to be bagged however, you can use paper bags or bags that meet the ASTM D6400 standard.
⚠️There will be a smaller organic waste container provided for people who are currently opted-out of the yard waste program.

Most areas will also have a counter-top compost container & bags give-away program + a reduced rate available for low income households.

🚮📲 Find out exactly when the big change is happening for your home address by downloading either the SacRecycle App (City) OR the SacGreenTeam App (County)…

Not in the city or county of Sacramento? Search your city or county website for information on organics recycling. Most likely they also will have their own version of this same type of app… since other than the name and branding - these apps are pretty much identical, both apps featuring:
🗓 An address-specific calendar of all types of waste collection days and street sweepings.
🔎 A “waste wizard” where you can search for how to properly dispose of an item in your area.
🚛 Information for scheduling waste pickup.
🎮 An adorable lil’ waste sorting game

In the meantime you can utilize one of our many wonderful community organizations who turn your food scraps into fertility via our directory...