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About Us

Conscious Co-Creation in Sacramento, California 🌏

Our mission is to protect & heal the planet by curating handmade upcycled or mindfully sourced products via conscious collaboration/co-creation with local "sustainably-aware" community members.

Our sustainable online marketplace is co-created by a collective of mindful local makers & businesses. The idea being, we already have everything each household could need, already being made right here in our own community.

Sacramento area residents can browse our local business & resource directory for community resources as well as local businesses who are transparent about trying their best to make or provide eco-friendly products and/or conduct their business the most sustainable manner available to them at this time.

We are inviting others to join in on not just selling with us, but also communicating, collaborating & co-creating to unite and uplift our local “sustainably-aware” small business community via our online chat group.


Meet the Staff

Ariel Elliott (coming soon)

Sherrin Elliott (coming soon)

Johanna Marty (coming soon)