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Sell With Us

Our online handmade & vintage marketplace is co-created by a collective of “sustainably-aware” makers & businesses in the Greater Sacramento Area. The idea being.. we already have everything every household needs being made right here in our own community, let’s give people one place to shop & sell it all!

We offer local makers a done-for-you online marketplace with nationwide shipping, local delivery and optional inventory storage as well as assistance with branding, marketing, photography, and general business coaching. This gives creators more time to create and customers an easy way to shop from local conscious brands.

We are inviting others to join in on not just selling with us, but also communicating, collaborating and co-creating to unite and uplift our local “sustainably-aware” small business community via our online chat group. No more “shouting-into-the-void” alone… we’re here to help you disrupt the Google & Instagram algorithms with a community effort!

We’re already saving/making money & practicing sustainability by collaborating on things such as; group ordering larger quantities of sustainable shipping & product materials, item/material swaps, up-cycling each other’s unused materials, boosting each other’s reach on social media, sharing tools & skills, etc...

If you are a Sacramento small business owner interested in selling with us and/or joining our active discord community please fill out the form below: